Daisy is a Black, Salt and Peppered colored Goldendoodle. She has an extremely sweet and calm demeanor with a nice playful side to her. She does well around kids and other dogs, however much prefers to stick close to and follow her human family members. She has shown to be an amazing mother and has produced puppies with the brains, temperament, and personality that have gone on to be service dogs.


Hazel and Sienna

Hazel and Sienna are a beautiful Chocolate Standard Poodles. We are happy to have them in our breeding preparation program. Both are petite girls. Hazel is calm and very gentle around children, is curious in nature, and has picked up her training program with ease. Sienna is a bit higher on energy side than her sister, however she is just as playful, loving, and smart. She is also doing very well in her obedience training program. We have no doubt that when ready, these girls will produce beautiful babies.