Videos of current litter

Puppies are highly enjoying playing with the slide. This gives them some stairs practice, confidence with slides, and there is even a tunnel that allows them to go under. They love it!

Puppies are getting another towel bath. Their spa time not only cleans them, but also assists them to be more tolerant of something rubbing them, standing in water, and gives them some one on one time away from momma and siblings. As goldendoodles the puppies will get groomed often.
Puppies are being introduced to soft toys and a little human.
This place smells different....Hey where did everybody go?
First time outdoors. Check out how his nose is taking in the outside smells. Instinctual way to learn about his environment.
Added a textured mat to the puppy play area today. New textures introduced slowly is not so overwhelming. They get distracted by playing with the toys and accidentally step on the mat. Some notice it and cautiously approach. Building confidence with textures!
Balls! What are these things that roll?! I think I like them!

Canine Communication: Maybe something like this..

Momma: Where did you two go? Answer me when I call you!

Mulan: We are here!! I am not sure where here is...but here we are!

Early Neural Stimulation exercises.

Videos of past litters

Exposure to raised slippery surface and going under the slide into a small area.
Going into and exposure to new texture and sound of the tunnel.
Potty training began at 3 seeks old! They are doing very well with keeping their area clean and going potty on the puppy pads. The puppy pads will soon transition to grass.
Puppies are no strangers to cleaning. They find the mop quite fun to chase and play with. Will the broom thing be coming to play with us too?
The puppies have been brushed since they were a week old. As a Goldendoodle, grooming will be a huge part of their life. We want them to be comfortable and relaxed during the process.
Exposure to the sound and movement of the vacuum.
Puppy exposure to the new texture and crinkle sound of a tarp.

Oodles of toys!

Puppies have boxes to begin to climb on. Objects to climb on will get taller and be different textures as their practice with climbing continues.
Introduction to toys that wobble and make noise
Puppies first time hearing and seeing the TV on above them. I think they liked it. Can we watch the Animal Planet channel?
Early Socialization training with week old puppy